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Made to order frozen fruit treats
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australian style ice cream

100% frozen fruit treats. 
Chunks of frozen fruit churned into smooth, creamy scoops for every customer.  
4 delicious fruits: mango, banana, strawberry and peach. 
Dairy-free, fat-free, gluten free and no added sugars.


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fruit ice cream!

We start by sourcing ripe tropical fruit, sliced and frozen to trap the juices. Then we use heavy duty grinders to compress and whip the fruit into smooth, creamy scoops. Completely natural with no added sugar or syrups. It is dairy free, fat free and 100% vegan and gluten free.


where can i get some?

We a can be found every Saturday at Brentwood farmers markets. To see where else we're popping up follow us on Instagram. We also cater events throughout Southern California. Click here for more information on our catering services.


Aussie Scoop comes in 4 delicious flavors

Mango + Peach  

Strawberry + Banana